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Ident Numbers

Ident Numbers

Both PROFINET and PROFIBUS devices have unique Ident (ID) numbers allocated to them to assist with engineering, identification and other issues.
An ID allows devices connected to the bus to be identified with a minimum amount of protocol overhead. In addition, the ID number is used to archive files which contain information on device features and configuration (i.e. GSD or GSDML files).

Getting an Ident Number for PROFINET

The Device Identification for PROFINET IO consists of a company key (Vendor_ID) and a manufacturer-specific key (Device_ID). The Vendor_ID is assigned uniquely to a company. The Device_ID can be defined by the manufacturer specifically for the device. PI provides the schemes and the GSDML specification required to create a GSD-File. PI’s GSD-Viewer supports validation and viewing of a GSD-File.

Getting an Ident Number for PROFIBUS

An Ident Number (ID number) is required for all PROFIBUS devices using PROFIBUS DP communication (except Master Class 2 devices).
Manufacturers must register each device type with PI and get either a manufacturer and/or profile specific ID number. The ID number is not a serial number. The value range is 0001 Hex to FFFE Hex.
As soon as an ID number for a device type has been assigned to a manufacturer, this number can be used for each manufactured device of this type without renewed registration. If the device is modified technically, it remains associated with the device type only if it is still possible to describe the parameters, modules and options (e.g. modular I/O devices) in a single GSD file.

PROFIBUS Nutzerorganisation e.V. handles the registration of PROFIBUS devices on behalf of PI.

Download a PROFIBUS ID Registration Form here



For information, here is the PROFIBUS Ident Numbering system, together with the status of various number groups. Device vendors, for example, may request the reservation of an unallocated number.

  • ASSIGNED = All Ident Numbers in this range are assigned to individual devices.
  • RANGE ASSIGNED = The range is assigned to an individual organization.
  • ASSIGNMENT ONGOING = The range is being filled consecutively by individual device assignments. There is no guarantee of the availability of a specific number.
  • PROFILE ID = A range of Ident Numbers already assigned to specific application profiles.
  • RESERVED FOR FUTURE PROFILE IDs = Reserved ranges of Ident Numbers for future specific application profiles. Reserved numbers cannot be used for any other purpose.
  • RESERVED = A range of Ident Numbers reserved for future use. Reserved numbers shall not be used for any other purpose. 
0000 Profile ID for generic devices
0001-007F Range Assigned
0080-00FF Assigned
0100-0200 Range Assigned
0201-0400 Range Assigned
0401-0440 Range Assigned
0441-07FF Assigned
0800-13FF Assignment Ongoing ...
1400-1420 Range Assigned
1421-14FF Assignment Ongoing ...
1500-1600 Range Assigned
1601-170F Assignment Ongoing ...
1710-171F Range Assigned
1720-17FF Assignment Ongoing ...
1800-18FF Range Assigned
1900-33FF Assignment Ongoing ...
3400-35FF Reserved
3600-37FF Assignment Ongoing ...
3800-39FF Reserved
3A00-3AFF Profile IDs for PROFIdrive
3B00-3BFF Profile IDs for Robot and Numerical Controls
3C00-3CFF Profile IDs for Display & Panel Devices
3D00-3DFF Profile IDs for Encoder
3E00-3EFF Profile IDs for PROFIsafe
3F00-3FFF Profile IDs for Fluid Power / Hydraulics
4000-4001 Assignment Ongoing ...
4002-4006 Range Assigned
4007-4100 Assignment Ongoing ...
4101-42FF Reserved
4300-434F Assignment Ongoing ...
4350-435F Range Assigned
4360-44FF Assignment Ongoing ...
4500-46FF Reserved
4700-48FF Assignment Ongoing ...
4900-49FF Profile IDs for Water Treatment Systems
4A00-4AFF Assignment Ongoing ...
4B00-4BFF Reserved for Future Profile IDs
4C00-4CFF Reserved for Future Profile IDs
4D00-4D1D Range Assigned
4D1E-4DFF Assignment Ongoing ...
4E00-4EFF Reserved for Future Profile IDs
4F00-4FFF Reserved for Future Profile IDs
5000-59FF Assignment Ongoing ...
5A00-5AFF Profile IDs for Semi-Devices
5B00-5BFF Profile IDs for Identification Systems
5C00-5CFF Profile IDs for Weighing & Dosage Systems
5D00-5DFF Profile IDs for Intelligent Pumps
5E00-5EFF Profile IDs for Low Voltage Switchgear
5F00-5FFF Profile IDs for Remote I/O for Process Control
6000-61FF Assignment Ongoing ...
6200-62FF Profile IDs for Laboratory Devices
6300-69FF Assignment Ongoing ...
6A00-6AFF Reserved for Future Profile IDs
6B00-6BFF Reserved for Future Profile IDs
6C00-6CFF Reserved for Future Profile IDs
6D00-6DFF Reserved for Future Profile IDs
6E00-6EFF Reserved for Future Profile IDs
6F00-6FFF Reserved for Future Profile IDs
7000-7100 Assignment Ongoing ...
7101-72FF Reserved
7300-7531 Assignment Ongoing ...
7532-753F Range Assigned
7540-75FF Assignment Ongoing ...
7600-7FFF Reserved
8000-9000 Range Assigned
9001-90FF Assignment Ongoing ...
9100-93FF Reserved
9400-96FF Assignment Ongoing ...
9700-97FF Profile IDs for PA-Devices
9800-B2FF Assignment Ongoing ...
B300-B6FF Reserved
B700-B7FF Assignment Ongoing ...
B800-BBFF Reserved
BC00-BCFF Assignment Ongoing ...
BD00-BDFF Reserved
BE00-BEFF Assignment Ongoing ...
BF00-BFFF Reserved
C000-C3FF Assignment Ongoing ...
C400-C5FF Reserved
C600-C6FF Assignment Ongoing ...
C700-C8FF Reserved
C900-C9FF Assignment Ongoing ...
CA00-CBFF Reserved
CC00-CDFF Assignment Ongoing ...
CE00-CFFF Reserved
D000-D1FF Assignment Ongoing ...
D200-D8FF Reserved
D900-D9FF Assignment Ongoing ...
DA00-E3FF Reserved
E400-E4FF Assignment Ongoing ...
E500-E7FF Reserved
E800-E8FF Assignment Ongoing ...
E900-EDFF Reserved
EE00-F5FF Assignment Ongoing ...
F600-F6FF Profile IDs for Generic Devices
F700-FCFF Assignment Ongoing ...
FD00-FEFF Reserved for Profile IDs (Generic Devices)
FF00-FF9F Range Assigned
FFA0-FFFE Assignment Ongoing ...
FFFF Reserved

PROFIBUS is a standardized, open, digital communications system for all areas of application in manufacturing and process automation.


PROFINET is the innovative open standard for Industrial Ethernet. It satisfies all requirements of automation technology.

IO-LINK is an independent sensor / actuator interface solution for use with all automation technologies.



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Omlox is an open technology standard for real-time indoor localization systems for industrial manufacturing.