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Easy to use and universal

  • PROFIBUS is based on standards and modularity. User benefits are ease of use and flexibility. The single communication protocol enables fully integated solutions of continuous as well as discrete and safety-related processes to run on the same bus.
  • This eliminates the need for separate systems and allows hybrid automation.
  • In process automation, the device profile ensures compatible device behavior on the bus enabling the user to choose any “profile device” of his choice.
  • Diagnostic data display is sorted according to the NAMUR NE 107 standard:
  • The operator can detect the status reliably and react appropriately.

Efficient and productive

  • Efficient industrial processes require high machine and plant availability. The integrated redundancy of PROFIBUS is unreached when it comes to uninterrupted operation.
  • As important are the extensive diagnostic messages sent from bus, field devices and process to inform about the current status and to enable timely, status-based intervention.
  • The result is higher availability combined with reduced maintenance costs.
  • PROFIBUS is optimized for distributed I/O applications. Up to 126 I/O devices can be connected to a PROFIBUS DP cable. Since each I/O device can handle hundreds of connection points, this provides a very large number of connection possibilities for a single controller.


  • PROFIBUS enables proactive management over the life cycle of a plant. When more advanced device technology is to be deployed, plant operation must not be interrupted when installing the new devices. The solution: starting in profile for PA Devices version 3.02, new devices can temporarily adopt the functionality of predecessor versions. In this way plant operation is not interrupted, and the additional functions can be integrated during the next maintenance phase. The ability to take advantage of device innovations is assured, and the inventory of replacement devices is significantly reduced


  • PROFIBUS is known for its high degree of innovation: User requests are gathered and implemented rapidly. PA Profile 3.02 with its NAMUR-compliant diagnostics concept is an example.
  • Other examples are the high-effective redundancy concepts and the proxy technology, enabling the user to PROFIBUS systems to the Ethernet level (PROFINET).
  • Existing plants can be modernized and expanded at any time with PROFIBUS:
  • HART technology is integrated easily, safety-related and drive tasks are solved with PROFIsafe and PROFIdrive, respectively.
  • PROFIBUS supports advanced asset management strategies that allow plants and equipment to be better managed and maintained.

PROFIBUS is a standardized, open, digital communications system for all areas of application in manufacturing and process automation.


PROFINET is the innovative open standard for Industrial Ethernet. It satisfies all requirements of automation technology.

IO-LINK is an independent sensor / actuator interface solution for use with all automation technologies.



Omlox is an open technology standard for real-time indoor localization systems for industrial manufacturing.



Omlox is an open technology standard for real-time indoor localization systems for industrial manufacturing.